Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rampant New Year's Resolution - Drink 1-2 Cocktails Per Day

New Year's Resolutions are usually a waste of time and attention since they are abandoned by mid-February. But this is one New Year's Resolution I think I can keep.

This report lists several significant health benefits from drinking 1-2 adult beverages per day. I think I can manage that if I can afford it, what with all the puritanical sin-taxes burdening my new health kick.

Religious nuts who want to hide liquor stores and tax my health-drink are simply getting between me and my efforts to maintain my body, what the Bible calls the "temple of the Lord". Is that what Jesus would do?

My only question: If I save up my 1-2 daily drinks during the week and drink 6-12 on Saturday night, does that still count?

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