Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"The Field Behind My Barn Looks Flat, So the Earth Must Be Flat. Right?"

If I have to hear one more ignorant douchebag say that there is no global warming because "it's so cold outside," I might lose it. I live in America, so I expect a certain percentage of people to say stupid things, even ridiculous things, but this one I just cannot get my head around.

I know some people who say it just to get a rise out of me. I ignore them because they're just sadistic douchebags.

It's the people (I use the term loosely) who actually think that a cold day disproves global warming that boggle my homo sapien mind. Their argument is as stupid as looking out behind your barn, observing how flat your cornfield is, and then concluding that the earth is, in fact, flat.

It's as stupid as seeing in the news that a black (or white, Hispanic, or Asian) person committed a crime and concluding that all black (or white, Hispanic, or Asian) people are criminals. And it's as stupid as observing the sun "rise" and "set" each day and insisting that the sun revolves around the earth. (1 in 5 Americans actually still believes this BTW.)

Can I just unleash my response to this moronacity (my new word) here since I know it will be wasted on the aforementioned ignorant douchebags? It's cathartic.

A It's called "climate change" now, not global warming, because

B the warming of the globe melts glaciers which changes the levels, density, temperature, and salinity of the oceans, which alters ocean and air currents, which together alter climate patterns. (This is not my area, and this is my layperson's understanding.)

I know this is complex and requires a level of complex thought that the IDs (i.e. ignorant douchebags) are simply incapable of enjoying. And yet I still get angry. *sigh* I guess I should just pity them, but FUCK! They vote for people like this and this!

As a side note, this inability for complex thought also explains the popularity of NASCAR (cars driving in circles for hours in the blazing heat - really?) and professional wrestling (it's fake you idiot!).

In recent years, some evidence suggested that perhaps the neanderthals did survive and evolve into humans along with the cro magnon man. I have a suspicion:
Neanderthals evolved into the modern "humans" who believe the earth is flat, that the sun revolves around the earth, and that a cold day disproves global warming, and also enjoy NASCAR and professional wrestling.

Cro magnon man evolved into the modern humans who have a fucking clue and use their fucking brains.

I think the Neanderthal descendants need another name. I suggest homo ingorantdouchebagiens, "ignorant douchebags" for short.

Remember this discussion of ID as I intend to use it in future blogs.

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