Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Facebook Romance Gone Bad" or "Defriended at Gunpoint!"

Like many people, a Detroit man was looking for, let's say it was "love," on the Internet (Facebook to be more precise). He made plans to meet his on-line paramour in Madison, Wisconsin. After spending the week "dating" him, she drove him to the bus station, pulled out her little gun, and robbed him of his money, wallet, luggage, and cellphone.

This news story raised questions. The first one is: why did she wait to rob him until he was leaving? Did she not intend to rob him when she lured him to Madison but then later thought, "oh, what the hell, I can always lure another schmuck to Madison and I need money?" Or did she intend to rob him all along but spent the week "dating" him first? Or did something else happen that we don't know about that really, really pissed her off? (Like his making a herpes confession as he was getting on the bus to leave, purely as a hypothetical example.)

Another question I have is: why are people so reckless and stupid? The guy goes to Madison to "date" this stranger he only knows from Facebook. Did he even google her first? Or check to see if she worked where she said she did? He put his life and good health in the hands of a stranger, and he travelled to another state to do it. And the woman? She apparently revealed so much TRUE information about herself on Facebook that the police say they will have no trouble finding her.

You know, maybe these two make a perfect couple.

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