Friday, December 11, 2009

Where's Adam?

The current controversies concerning Adam Lambert are, in my opinion, silly. I don't care that he's gayer than Caption Jack Sparrow and more glittery than a Mardi Gras float. Those are good things, in my view. He's interesting. But there is a controversy concerning the Glambert that has been seriously ignored and must be dealt with. So, I am launching this discussion to get the ball rolling. From the three pictures below, can you pick out Adam Lambert?

Did you pick him out? The other two pictures are Joanne Worley and Liza Minelli. Admittedly, Adam is prettier than both of them, but really, has no one told him that this particular hairstyle makes him look very Worliminelli?

And then there's this issue as well, although less controversial and more, I don't know, distracting(?). Can you pick Adam out of this grouping?

Did you find Adam? The other two are Chris Isaak and Elvis (obviously). And Adam's prettier than these guys too, isn't he? My very conservative (religious), straight, male colleague saw this pic of Adam and said, "He really is a beautiful man, isn't he?" I almost fell out of my chair! "Yes, he is," I responded.

Adam should look however he wants, however he feels most comfortable. He should let his Worliminelli flag fly if that's what he likes. He's beautiful like that too. But personally, I prefer to admire the Glambert visage in its Pressaak look. What do you think?

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