Saturday, December 12, 2009

Climb at Your Own Risk, Morons!

People are lost on the icy side of Mount Hood near Portland, Oregon again. My head hurts from rolling my eyes at this. Yeah, it's sad that they are probably going to die, but they knew that when they went to go climb the icy, treacherous mountain. They assumed the risk.

The real obscenity of this repeat occurrence is that rescue workers are out trying to find them, and they are being paid for this rescue by tax dollars. Why should taxes pay for the rescue of morons who not only don't have the sense to come in from the cold, but don't have the sense to stay off an icy, snow-covered, freezing mountainside?

This might make the Darwin Awards list but for the fact that so many morons die this way every year.

I have a message for the other morons out there considering this fatal folly: An REI Membership and an ice-axe doesn't make you immortal. Stay inside and live to see another spring.

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