Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Glee: Moronic or Genius?

I've watched almost all episodes of Glee, and I still cannot decide if it's genius or inane. I think it's funny, but it seems to take itself seriously, so I feel like I'm laughing AT the characters and not with them. And I just feel guilty laughing at this guy
(He's my favorite BTW. He's like a cute little gay puppy. Making fun of him, or dousing him with a slushee, is just not funny!)

Why I think the show is inane: (1) The moronic football player guy really believes he got his "virgin" girlfriend pregnant when he "released" while in the hottub with her. What I find a little offensive is that the show never really dispelled this mythological method of insemination, so I know there are thousands of ignorant people running around who actually believe this can happen. (2) They continue to make sport of the Glee Club, bullying and assaulting them, right in front of teachers, effectively giving license to this behavior. Yeah, I know, it's only TV, but watching insecure kids get bullied is not my idea of fun. Think Revenge of the Nerds, not "bugger the nerds senseless." (3) Everyone on the show (except Evil Sue and Gay Puppy) is really, really dimwitted. Really, everyone. That's just not possible. In any group that size, you can find more than 2 reasonably intelligent people. Maybe the target audience demands this kind of "writing down," but I find it disappointing, especially when nerdiness and smart tend to go hand in hand (though not always).

Why the show is genius: (1) JANE LYNCH as Sue.
OMFG this lady is hysterical! And her character is complex, not just the 2-D villain in many high school shows. (2) The singing and dancing, with complete emotional commitment and abandon. If you're gonna be in Glee, you have to commit. The show conveys that, and it makes it work. (3) The show goes completely out of the box with every episode. Down Syndrome cheerleader applicant; mattress commercial; high school coming-out; fake stutterers. The writers are very, very creative. (4) The talent of the cast (obviously).

I'm going to keep watching, for now, to see if the football moron learns anything about human reproduction and/or the Gay Puppy finds love and to enjoy the singing. Let me know what you think.

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