Sunday, December 13, 2009

"That's Is Not Mine, Officer! I've Never Seen It Before!"

In the quaint ski hamlet of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a local resident filed a police report claiming that a pooping bandit had broken into her home, left a "deposit" in her toilet, and fled without flushing. She insisted she had never seen the turd before, so it had to have come from an intruder.

Results of the investigation have not been made public yet.

I was tempted to just post the above description and let the bizarre story speak for itself, but that is hardly cathartic for me. So...

I have to admit that if I found such a surprise in my can, I would assume I had just been distracted and simply forgot that I had, you know, done it myself. I don't think I would surmise (imagine!) that an intruder (ghost?) had invaded my home (delusion!) and left it for me (paranoid!!). But kudos to the Steamboat Springs Police Department for doing everything in their power to "wipe out" crime!

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