Monday, December 7, 2009

Please, For the Love of GOD, Stop Thanking HIM for Helping You Score a Touchdown!

If there is a God (or gods) I hope He (or they) have better things to do than help you score touchdowns and hit homeruns. If you are "devout" in your faith (which means pious, sincere, serious), why are you making a sports and PR spectacle of it?

Do you know what would be "serious?" Donating part of the bagillions of dollars you make for running around with a ball in your hand (or chasing the guy running around with a ball in his hand) to help the hungry, the poor, the homeless, the sick. You know, do the things your proclaimed personal savior would do.

So I put this challenge to the hundreds of obscenely rich sporties who have money and adoration showered over them because they can run, hit, slide, and spit: instead of thanking God or Jesus or Allah or whomever when you get the camera in your face and the mike at your mouth, announce your sizeable donation to a legit charity where the ample fruits of your talents can actually be put to some use and make a real difference.

Or don't. You don't owe anyone anything. It just seems logical to me: if you are truly devout in your faith, so devout that you feel it's necessary to thank Him or Her or Them or It for helping you score (or stop a score), then you must seriously care about your fellow human beings. And if you don't seriously care about your fellow human beings, then you are just giving lip service and I don't want to fucking hear it any more.

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