Friday, December 11, 2009

Apologies to "Stupid"

Calling Sarah Palin stupid is an insult to stupid. And writing a blog to point that out is like putting up a "Caution: Ice on Bridge" sign in Antarctica. But as this is a relatively new blog, I thought one shot at her would lay a good foundation for credibility and humor.

Sarah has spent a good amount of her "bought and paid for" time this week "peshawing" climate change and accusing Al Gore of promoting the idea of climate change so he can make money.

Sarah's full of shit as well as stupid. Al Gore was green before green was cool, way back in the 1980s when the GOP, blue-dog Dem's and many independents had woodies for Ronnie Reagan. The environment was a cheap slut back then, bandied about and used but never taken very seriously by most Americans. But Al was holding hearings on climate change as a Congressman way back then. The suggestion that he jumped on this bandwagon for money is absurd. It's his bandwagon, and he used to ride around on it all by himself, and people mocked him for it.

It is true that Al has invested in green companies and green technologies. But isn't it a good thing to have the principals to put your money where your mouth is?

Unlike Sister Sarah, who just accepted a speaking invitation at a fundraiser for a Canadian medical center, as well as the $200,000.00 speaking fee. This list proves what an amoral whore (the political kind, not the good kind) Sarah Palin is: (1) This is a facility funded by the Canadian government, so in her own words, it is "socialist." (2) The facility performs abortions. (3) The facility provides "end of life directive counseling," what she has called "death panels."

Sarah is complaining because Al has the principals to invest in industries that he believes are on the correct side of reversing the damage caused by greenhouse emissions, while at the same time taking the steaming sack of cash from a facility that by her own judgmental and sanctimonious beliefs is socialist, engages in the murder of fetuses and kills people using death-panels. Hypocrite much, Sarah?

The reason Sarah Palin continues to put dumbasses in seats is because her disciples are, as previously mentioned, dumbasses. She is the charming priest during the dark ages who mocked and even persecuted those who suggested that the earth was round and not flat while the ignorant masses cheered. She is the court jester who mocks the king's enemies to win favor while secretly thinking the king is a moron. (FYI, her disciples are the moronic king in this analogy.) And she is also the cute little kid pulling the loose threat on her shirt until her button falls off. She is not serious, nor should she be taken seriously.

She is still in the news because some people still listen to her with adoration, and she is scary because those fawning fools are superstitious, ignorant, narrow-minded, and easy. Much like W, Sarah is not scary as a hot dog vendor, but as the leader of the free world? *shudder*

How scared are you now? Are you ready for Stupid/Panderer 2012?

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