Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why Would Anyone Want to Bring Marie Antoinette Back from the Dead?

I know PigeonPoll is stupid anyway, but this just caught my attention. The poll question: Who would you want to bring back from the dead? Most of the options were musical performers, Elvis, Janis Joplin, etc. But one option was Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette? Who the fuck would want to bring back Marie Antoinette?

First, we probably wouldn't be able to communicate because her dialect of French would be difficult to understand (I'm guessing).

Second, what a spoiled bitch! Let them eat cake?

And finally, how many Americans even know who the hell she is?

Come on, PigeonPoll. Give us some real options. I didn't even see Michael Jackson on the list!

(Though, on the up side - we could land a rescue helicopter on her foreheadscape.)

1 comment:

  1. Marie Antoinette never said "Let them eat cake." It's a Rousseau quote about something a "princess" once said in his company, a quote which many historians believe to be the unnamed duchess of Tuscany (1750).

    The quote was attributed to Marie sometime in late 1789 by the revolutionary propagandists who wanted her execution. False propaganda is very successful (ask the Republicans)--the revolution succeeded in 1793.

    She was brought to court at the tender age of 11 to be a political pawn. The DAY she turned 14 she was married off to the Dauphin of France. She was 19 when she became Queen. She was executed at age 37 for no other crime than having been married off to French nobility--something that was never her choice.

    Popular culture needs to catch up with history! I would LOVE to see the much-maligned Marie come back from the dead! I think she's one of the most misunderstood women in all of history!

    (I had a period of fascination with her in college, mostly because history has never righted this wrong done to her reputation; the sole infamous thing she's known for is entirely false! How unjust is that?!)