Friday, February 5, 2010

EW! and OMG! and WTF!? All in One Story


OK, the EW! - some guy had sex with a 10-year-old girl. Hope they find that molesting bastard and lock his pervy ass up.

Now the OMG! - it was reportedly a vaginal delivery. An 11 year old girl is not fully grown, her bones are not fused, and her small size and mid-pubescent body is NOT designed for pregnancy or delivery. Doctors say she may not grow any more because of this pregnancy.

And finally, the WTF!? - One of the reports I saw on this story said the baby's father is the girl's mother's (the baby's grandmother's) boyfriend. And Grandma announced that the baby is "absolutely beautiful." I'm glad, but WTF!? Grandma should go to jail too. What the fuck is her problem?

If I have ever heard a case for an abortion, this was it. (Yeah, that's right, I said it!) Since that decision was not made when it should have been, I hope all are healthy and fine. But let's go back to week 6 of the 10 year-old's pregnancy. What went through that fucked-up mom's mind? "Oh goody, a grandchild! And he'll look just like my hot boyfriend since he's the baby daddy."

I think a more rational reaction would have been: "Officer, can you come arrest my child-molesting boyfriend who knocked-up my 10-year-old daughter. Then we'll need a ride to the local Women's Health Clinic to terminate this pregnancy that is a monumental and criminal mistake that is endangering my daughter's health and life.")

I always think that I have heard the most bizarre thing ever and I will never get surprised again, and then fucked-up shit like this happens, and I am stunned.

So to summarize - EW! and OMG! and WTF!?

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