Saturday, February 20, 2010

Elderly Italian Chef Enjoys Eating Pu$$ie$

A TV chef in Italy has been suspended from production because of his love of Gatto in Umido. In English, this is CAT STEW.

The fur began to fly during a broadcast of the live show when 77 year old chef Giuseppe "Beppe" Bigazzi began explaining that the stew is a delicacy of the Tuscan Arno Valley.

Apparently, the feline nosh become popular as a result of food shortages during and after WWII. But Beppe insisted that it was not purely out of desperation, but an appreciation of the delectable taste. He instructed how to prep Garfield and what kind of sauce is best.

The co-host was shocked and the producers offended. Beppe refused to apologize and was suspended. He predicted he would be excoriated by what he called "racist environmentalists."

I'm not sure what race has to do with eating cats. And I doubt sparing kitty from the crock-pot will help fight global warming. Beppe simply doesn't get it. People don't want to imagine him eating Fluffy.

The divergence between pet and food is more blurry for some species: rabbits, pigs, guinea fowl, etc. But cats? Not so much, at least among western cultures.

I actually have cats as pets. But I don't think his POV is that offensive. It's not like he's trapping people's pets and serving them in his restaurant. At least I don't think he is.

People can be such snobs. In huge portions of the world, people eat reptiles and insects. And we are offended by cat stew? Please!

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