Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Neo-Cons are Neo-Crazy

So this guy, Daniel Pipes, who opposes and "fears" Obama's policies (his words) has suggested that he (Obama) can save his presidency by "bombing Iran." WHAT! THE! FUCK?!!!

We mock Ahmadinejad for being crazy, psycho, homicidal, whatever, when he suggests that Israel should be destroyed. How is he any different from Daniel Pipes? They both have beards. They are both homicidal. They both like attention. And neither has any real power. Huh. Not different at all.

Mr. Pipes' suggestion has several layers of crazy.

Layer 1 - bombing any country to "save" your political job is evil to the tenth power. As exhibit A, I offer this evil dude who truly redefined "wagging the dog:"

Layer 2 - It is crazy to suggest that Obama would do such a thing IMO. In addition to what he is already forced to do in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama may have to bomb something or someone at some point to protect America or its interests, but since he understands the concepts of diplomacy, sanctions, communication, tolerance, multilateral action, and strategy, I trust that if he does, it will only be because there were no other options. Unlike Exhibit A up there.

Layer 3 - Why the fuck would this asshat want to "save" Obama's presidency? Maybe he doesn't. May instead, he wants to prevent him from implementing his policies hoping the US will utterly fail so his minions can swoop in again and profiteer off of America's suffering (as they did with Haliburton after 9/11 and the unwarranted war in Iraq.) What other explanation is there for the GOP to oppose and criticize proposed policies that THEY ONCE CO-SPONSORED!?

And just to complete the red-velvet-like quality to this fucked-up cake - Layer 4 - Have we not pissed off enough Muslims in the world? I know we were the "victims" on 9/11, but since then, we have invaded two Muslim countries, still occupying both. And bombing Iran is really, really a bad idea. There is a growing political movement of moderate, westernized young people in Iran. It will be a struggle there for years to come, but a truly free Iran will only grow from within. It cannot be foisted upon them. Since they are on their way (remember Tienanmen Square in the early 1990s?), let them be. Monitor them, sanction them when they misbehave, etc., but an unprovoked attack?

I know it's like feeding the lions to sing "bomb, bomb, bomb... bomb, bomb Iran." It gets the pulses racing and gives the rednecks "funny feelings in their pants." But that's not leadership, that's hooliganism.

Hooligans at soccer games are scary and potentially deadly. Hooligans in the Whitehouse are really scary and potentially genocidal.

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