Monday, February 8, 2010

Lead, Follow, or Get The Hell Outta the Way!

Pictured: Sen. Minority (GOP) Leader Mitch McConnell, aka "Yurtle, the Turtle"

OK, GOP, you had the White House for 8 years and Congress for 7 years, and you screwed it all up so badly, it may take an entire generation to recover.

So deservedly, you lost many elections and you are the minority party. Now, take your lumps, and act like you give a crap about your country. You do this by taking the lead, following, or getting the hell out of the way.

Sure, you can probably win political momentum by simply being the party of Nope. (If this happens and you regain power by obstructing everything, the people get what they deserve. Also, turnabout is fair play. So expect similar treatment.)

But how much do you really hate your country and its people? Enough to see it flounder and its people jobless, without medical care, and suffering? Apparently, you are just a bunch of power-hungry, narcissistic, opportunistic pricks. Why else would you now threaten to filibuster and stop legislation you have previously supported, or even co-sponsored?

Like any bad child, you will not behave unless forced, so I will direct the remainder of my blog to the Democrats.

Democrats, get your head out of your tolerant, PC asses and fight for the American people.

Ex A - Sen. Dick Shelby(R-AL) has 70 federal homeland security appointments held up because he wants a huge earmark contract for an Airbus plant in his state. (Airbus is a French company, BTW.) They did this crap under Clinton too. So, change the rules. Publicly shame him at every opportunity. Dig up dirt on him and make him irrelevant. Stop taking this shit so peacefully. Right now, you are his accomplice in hurting the American people because you are doing nothing to stop him.

Ex B - GOP threatens to filibuster - everything. LET THEM! Let them filibuster and stand there on TV for days reading encyclopedias to prevent the government from functioning. Call their stupid bluff. What are you afraid of? I predict that the longer those dumb-asses talk, the higher the approval rating for the Dem's and Obama will go.

Ex C - The GOP lies, lies, lies, and they are not smart enough to lie cleverly. President Obama's question time with the GOP was a great first step in calling them out. Do it more! When they go on TV and lie, call a freaking press conference, go on the nightly news, do something, and CALL THEM LIARS. Especially the ones who lie all the time - McConnell, Palin, Rove, Cheney, etc (the list is too long).

Finally, accept that the GOP has been taken over by scary nuts. Large percentages of self-identified Republicans think Obama is not a citizen of the US, think Obama should be impeached, think that Obama is a socialist, etc. The Tea Baggers are advocating literacy tests to vote, and let's be honest - they are Republicans. (Racist much?) Show me something that is not white, christian, heterosexual, and/or NASCAR, and I'll show you something they hate (read "fear").

I say give them lip service and shame the GOP into cooperating if you can, but be prepared to cut the head off that snake, 'cause dudes (and dudettes), it's a snake. It's not your friend, and it's not on your side. What's worse, it's not on any side but its own.

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