Friday, February 26, 2010

Puck You, IOC!

The Canadian Women's Hockey team won the Gold Medal for the third consecutive time. They shook hands, high fived, got their medals, sang "O, Canada," and then celebrated. Then they apologized.

Apparently the IOC was upset because they took the celebration back onto the ice after the spectators were gone, drinking beer and champagne, smoking cigars, and taking pictures. As far as I have been able to discern, there were no illegal drugs, no hookers (or gigolos) and no damage was done to the arena.

Apparently, the IOC is OK with muckity-mucks taking bribes for their vote on the next Olympic host, but not OK with fun.

On behalf of the Canadian Women's Hockey Team (though they have no idea who I am), let me say to the IOC - "PUCK YOU, HOSERS. YOU SUCK!"

Those ladies worked their asses off for years to be that good at hockey. And most of them will never be able to make a living at it since professional sports are basically non-existent for women.

What's more, we're talking hockey, here, not Ladies Fig's (which I just learned refers to Ladies Figure Skating). It's rough and violent and fast and stinky. It's the least civilized of all the winter sports. Did you expect them to celebrate with flourishing bows in sequined outfits? If you did, you're pretty fucking stupid.

So I say if they wanna guzzle some beer and smoke some stogies in the privacy of the empty arena, who the hell are you to object? Mind your own business, eh.

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