Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Just In: Adam Lambert Bitch-Slaps Rudeness

Two nights ago Glambert was performing a "stripped" (read acustic) concert for Iheartradio in NYC. Right in the front row, a woman took a cell phone call and proceed to talk on the phone very loudly during a rather emo performance of "Whadaya Want From Me." He made it through most of the song, then stopped singing. While the band continued to play for a moment, he asked her to turn off her phone. Told her she was "yelling" into the phone. Gave her a "Really?" And then mocked her a little saying "You're not watching TV, honey. This is a live show." Then he started the song over, much to the elation of the crowd.

The first blog I saw discuss this ( called Adam a Diva for behaving this way.

Thereafter, most bloggers and reporters have been pretty ncie to him, siding against rude cell phone use at such an event.

I had several thoughts about this entire kerfuffle -

Why even go to such a concert, fighting the crowd, parking, etc., only to piss on the event by talking on the phone? If you need to talk on the phone, stay home, or go to a Kanye West concert where rudeness is celebrated.

And holy balls! What cajones to take the call and shout into the phone right in front of American's newest WonderGay? Didn't she just know she was gonna get called out? Does Adam seem shy? At all?

She should count herself lucky that one of the cougar-aged LambSkanks in attendance didn't rip out her hair and lecture her on Adam's inherent glittery perfection.

Adam may have lost one fan by embarassing her for her rudeness. But he may have gained a whole new group of fans who know nothing about his music but are sick and fucking tired of rude and inconsiderate behavior.

*chanting* Go Glambert! Go Glambert! Go Glambert! Go Glambert!

You can see the video of the metaphorical bitch-slap here.

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