Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tax Protesters are Stupid

No, this is not a picture from September 11, 2001. This is from today.

In Texas, a tax-protesting-moron named Joseph Stack (let's call him "Joe the Dumber") set fire to his own house and then flew a small plane into an office building. He's a terrorist. Don't care that he's a right-wing white guy in Texas. Killing a bunch of innocent people because the world will not conform to his personal idea of Nirvana is a terrorist act. And I'm guessing he won't even get 72 virgins. Moron.

No one loves paying taxes. Despite what Rush and Glenn may tell people, liberals don't get teary and sentimental paying taxes (at least I don't). We just agree with the rather capitalistic idea that we should pay for what we get: like military protection, police and fire services, paved roads, FEMA, a public education, air traffic controllers, the DMV, street lights (traffic and illuminating), etc. The list can go on and on and on. We take for granted the many services our federal, state, and local governments provide that make our lives bearable. They provide these services so we can have a stable and comfortable society, so we can live, so we can do business.

Do the big bailouts piss me off? They sure as hell do! But that does not excuse me from paying taxes. Plus, we forget that when there are bailouts, the money usually gets paid back. Back in the S&L crisis in the 1980s, the Resolution Trust Corporation was created for bailing out, and all of that money was repaid. And many banks today have repaid their bailout money. Plus, we still have banks, which we kinda need to do business.

So can we stop acting like petulant children, or in the case of Joe the Dumber, like suicidal terrorist douchebags? As a percentage, Americans pay lower taxes than most other industrialized countries, and we have a very stable government, a great military, and a free society in which to live and transact business. Maybe when we pay our taxes, we should console ourselves with the fact that we get something pretty great for our money.

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  1. Tea Baggers on FB are already "RIP"ing his good memory. *PUKE* 'Odd how people that believe the same things as he will justify a terrorist.