Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kansas, I Don't Think You're in Kansas Anymore

Kansas lawmaker Steve Brunk (R) (*shock*) equated the crime of rape with grand theft auto.

He is supporting a bill that would prohibit private insurance from covering voluntary abortions unless the insured buys a "special" plan. This prohibition would not apply to abortions performed to save the life of the mother, or in cases of rape or incest, but in the latter cases, ONLY if the victim filed a police report. No police report - no insurance, just like your car was stolen. That's what he said.

It always amazes me that Republicans want government just small enough to fit into everyone's bedroom, and into a woman's uterus. I though the GOP wanted the government out of people's lives. Oh, I see, they want government out of their lives, and infringing into other people's lives.

I would ask Mr. Brunk if he supports health care reform so that poor families can get medical care for their children. I would ask Mr. Brunk what he has done to fund adoption programs. And I would ask him to mind his own fucking business and let the private insurance industry and private citizens do business without his self-righteous, misogynistic POV being foisted on them. Yeah, I said foisted - the real "f-word."

What happened to Kansas? It used to be middle America. Now its the land of kooks and hatemongers who beat their chests with Bibles. Are lack of compassion and obsession with other people's reproductive choices tenets of Christianity that no one told me about?

If this is Kansas, give me Oz.

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