Friday, January 29, 2010

I Just Cannot Let This Go Without Comment

I just saw someone comment online that a celebrity was "much taller in person."

*painfully elongated eye-roll*

Are you really that fucking stupid? Or is English your second language? Obviously, he is EXACTLY THE SAME HEIGHT YOU MORON!

No, the TV is not actual size, and that reality TV star was not performing for you from inside the lighted box in your "TV Room." It is a broadcasted signal that goes magically through the air and then makes a purdy picture in your mobile home. (Shall I send you a sticker for your TV machine that says "Remember: Not Actual Size")

What I think you meant to say was that you didn't realize how tall he was. Learn to speak English fucker. And until you do, lay off the immigrants who speak with an accent. No wonder they can't learn English. We don't know how to speak it real good [(intentioally incorrect grammer)] ourselves.

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