Monday, January 11, 2010

"Pwetty Pwease wif Sugar on Top?"

It takes a cold heart and a heapin' spoonful of persuasive talent to talk someone into killing your mother. Apparently, Devonna Hines, of Detroit, Michigan, is really, really persuasive. I mean cult-leader levels of persuasive. She is accused of talking her boyfriend, Antoine Perkins, into shooting her 41-year-old mother to death.

Devonna doesn't really look all that special: neither monstrous nor magical. But clearly she possesses some kind of hidden talent or skill that gave her the power to control Antoine, to "cause" him to kill her mother.

If only Devonna had used her Jedi powers for good instead of hypnotizing her weak-minded boyfriend to commit matricide. *sigh*

Finally, I cannot end this blog without noting the strange convergences of fact between Anthony Perkins - who portrayed the mother-killer-taxidermier(a new word I made up) in Psycho - and Antoine Perkins - the mother-in-law-killer in Detroit. Just sayin'. If your last name is Perkins, stay away from all versions on Anthony - Antoine, Antonin, Anton, Tony, Toni, Tonette, etc. Stick with the more reputable Marlin or Elizabeth.

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