Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson is a Sanctmonious Douchebag

Picking on Pat Robertson is a lot like picking on Sarah Palin. It is too easy. He makes it easy.

Today, Pastor Pat said that Haiti brought the deadly earthquake on itself by making a pact with the devil in the 18th Century to obtain its freedom from French rule. *eyes rolling around in head in disgust, not demon possession*

First, what? Seriously? A pact with the devil? What are you, from the 12th Century?

Second, pacts with the devil expired after like 200 years, so I don't think so.

And finally, I could just as easily (and stupidly) say that all of Christendom brought Islamic Jihad on itself by engaging in the Crusades. Or I could say that the US brought 9/11 on itself by building its entire country on the back of African slaves. I can say anything I want, just like Pastor Pat. Saying it doesn't make it true.

So to Pastor Pat, I would say this (I'm sure he reads my Blog faithfully.): Earthquakes happen because plates of the earth move, you dumb shit, not because some temperamental, but really untimely, deity decides to punish really poor people whose ancestors allegedly made a deal with the devil. You want to convert people to your faith? Stop talking like an ignorant douchebag and do what Jesus would do: help the people of Haiti. Take some of the millions you have accumulated from people's social security and retirement income and send it to Haiti to help provide them with needed clothes, food, and medical care. And for the love of SCIENCE, shut the fuck up.

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  1. I concur! A douchebag extraordinaire!