Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh, Fernando, Say It Ain't So!

So, this is maybe the weirdest thing ever. An ABBA-themed amusement park? I can already imagine it: the staff all wear white satin outfits with loose-fitting Merlin-sleeves; the (all white) patrons' eyes are glazed over; and after the first three rides, you may as well leave BECAUSE THEY WILL ALL BE EXACTLY ALIKE.

I actually like ABBA. For 3.7 songs. Then I'm done. Cuz all their songs sound EXACTLY ALIKE! That being said ...

Here are a few questions: (1) Only ABBA music? Cuz - EW! (2) Are you gonna serve Swedish food? I mean once you get past the meatballs and the fish (the red candy) you're kinda out of palatable options. (3) What about all the hip, minority children in London and surrounding area? Is there a cool alternative? (4) Is this really a hoax?

If Michael Jackson and Donny & Marie (shut up, they're cool - ish)couldn't support amusement parks, why ABBA?

Isn't it punishment enough for Londoner's to have to see this?

(That photo is from HIS website, BTW.)

Must they also suffer hearing "Chiquitita" in a loop? OH GOD! THE HUMANITY!

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  1. That aluminum foil pic kinda made me throw up in my mouth a little. No one needed to see that much of them. ew

    As for the amusement park- COUNT ME IN!!!