Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"It's All in God's Hands. What Can I Do?"

I read this on Twitter:

"Its by the Grace of God that I have what I have! & its by the Grace of God that you have what you have! Its by His Grace & His Grace alone!"

Punctuation problems aside (What is it with people and apostrophes?), this is stupid.

By this illogic, I should just quit my job and wait for God to bestow a windfall of on me. I have no responsibilities or obligations. I'm just a spiritual jellyfish, floating on the generosity of the great bearded guy in the sky.

If this is true, then God only sorta likes me, 'cause I don't have that much. And he must really hate poor people. Why else would they have so little?

This is nihilistic, fatalistic, moronic dogma.

What really kills me: I see this shit from the same people who post quotes from Ayn Rand.

NEWSFLASH: You cannot be a fatalistic pre-determination Christiamoton and a rugged individualist at the same time! These two ways of thinking are mutually exclusive. No wonder you sound so confused. You are confused.

If you're gonna be a sheep, be a sheep. If you're gonna be a self-sufficient, responsible adult human, be that. You cannot be both. Unless you're that weird sheep-man in that political ad. He may be both.

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  1. Excellent post! Totally agree! PS You need to unfollow that Twitter douche-a-lot.