Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grand Wizard, I Mean Governor, of Virgina is a Confederate

Check this guy out! He's bringing racist back!

This is Bob. Bob is smiling because he just reinstated Confederate History Month in the Commonwealth of Virginia. (I don't know if his dick works. I'm hoping not.)

Bob thinks we need to "reflect upon our Commonwealth's shared history, to understand the sacrifices of the Confederate leaders, soldiers and citizens during the period of the Civil War." Those are Bob's reasons for reinstating this inanity/insanity.

Do we need to take a moment and show some reverence to slavery, rebellion, secession, and hubris? Do we need to say "Fuck You!" to all the descendants of American slaves who have fought to stop the celebration of this embarrassment in our history? I'm not saying forget our history. But let's stop glorifying the secession and the Civil War as somehow justified actions by the South. There was no honor in killing and/or dying to prolong slavery. There was no honor in forsaking your country over political disagreement. We like to be nice about it, but let's be honest: the south was fighting to maintain an immoral economic caste system that relied on owning other human beings. No. Honor. There. I don't care how right they thought they were.

This is not about history or states' rights or other bullshit and it never has been. It's about flaunting your long-disproven fantasy of racial and cultural superiority over black people and outsiders who don't eat grits. You go, Bob, and wave your Confederate Flag, and smile for the camera. Your days as a political leader are numbered. If they aren't, then I am truly worried for our country.

Let's wrap this up with a song, shall we?

~Old McDonnell had a Hat. E I E I O, shit!~

~And on that hat, he had a point, E I E I O, Hell!~

~With a burning cross here, and a confederate flag there, E I E I O, Crap.~

Come on Virginians! Can't you do better than Bob?

(This is not a picture of Bob under the hood. It's just a random picture I found on the internet of another racist. I don't know if Bob is a member of the Klan.)

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  1. He looks like a suppository. Appropriate, really.....