Friday, March 5, 2010

"I Only Love Myself Through Beer Goggles"

This is pathetic and infuriating. Let's call it "pathuriating." (OK, not as good as stupil, I admit.)

California democrat, state Senator Roy Ashburn, renown for his anti-gay voting record, was arrested for DUI (he blew a 0.14 blood-alcohol) after LEAVING A GAY BAR. Sacramento's openly gay Mayor told the media he's seen Ashburn in gay bars "a number of times." (I think he just meant he has "observed" him there. I don't think he is "seeing" him.)

Just going to a gay bar does not mean he's gay. Even if he's been in gay bars "a number of times." I'm sure he just goes for the fancy, fruity drinks and the modern electro-dance music. But I'm sure he's not actually gay, 'cause that would make him a big, flaming, hypocrite, or "hypo."

Self-loathing is a sad thing, and I don't doubt that Ashburn felt he had to vote to discriminate against himself in order put another lock on that closet. But maybe seeking counseling in between visits to the men's room to "mingle" with your "constituents" would be more helpful that numbing your feelings with booze - and then driving a car drunk.

Finally, if your gonna pull this hypo, self-loathing shit, join the GOP. You'll fit right in.

Since first posting this, Roy has publicly admitted he's gay. *shock!*

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  1. That must wear a blister - loving yourself with beer goggles. 0_0