Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eric Cantor is a Lying... Well, Too Nasty to Be a Twinkie.

Apparently jealous of the "attention" some Democratic members of Congress have gotten this past week (and by attention, I mean spitting, racial epithets, ugly homophobic name-calling, rocks and bricks through windows, threats of violence and death, vandalism, and at least one threatening letter with a white substance in it), GOP Congressdick Eric Cantor (aka "Skeletor") told the media his office had been fired upon.

Well, no, Eric, it wasn't. The large office building your office is in had a window hit by a bullet falling from the sky to the ground. Did you think no one (outside of Fox News) would notice your BIG FAT FUCKING LIE?

You see, Eric, in order to actually become a target of angry bigots and narrow-minded hate-mongers, you have to NOT BE ON THEIR SIDE. What's more,you have to be willing to act with conviction, take chances, do what's right despite threats, have courage, and generally be a leader. You have never displayed any of these behaviors or traits. You are a sycophantic Tea-Bagger bitch. You are the safest person in the Deliverance woods, right now. No one is firing a gun at you.

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